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planning and entitlements

The CASC team consists of a diverse group of planners, designers, and environmental specialists with extensive experience in dynamic social, political, and economic communities. An intimate knowledge of planning techniques and strategies coupled with proven proficiency in the areas of large-scale master plans, environmental analysis and design, project management and entitlement, has been gained through many years of planning experience.

CASC's land use and environmental services have helped communities and governments plan for a sustainable future.


project management

  • Application Support Services

  • Condition Management

  • Entitlement Planning

  • Conditions of Approval

  • Staff Interaction

  • Preparation of Staff Reports

  • Extension of Staff

Specific plan

  • Land Use Concept Plans

  • Zoning Ordinances

  • Circulation Plans

  • Specific Plan/EIR Management

  • Conditions of Approval

  • Master Planning

  • Development Standards

  • Planning Area Standard Analysis

  • Master Landscaping Plans

  • Master Programming




  • Tentative Tract Maps

  • Planned Unit Developments

  • High Density Communities

  • New Urbanism

  • Context Sensitive Street Design

  • Live/Work Space

  • Mixed Use Development

  • Place Making


  • Neighborhood Commercial Retail

  • Regional Tourism Planning

  • Economic Development

  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

  • Historic District

  • Destination Retail

  • Green Building

  • Mass Transit

  • Overlay District


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  • Public Art

  • Public Transportation

  • Redevelopment

  • Smart Growth

  • Contextual District


  • Programmatic Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs)

  • Project Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs)

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

  • Initial Studies (ISs)

  • Mitigated Negative Declarations (MNDs)

  • Notices of Exemption (NOEs)


Community engagement

  • Community Outreach

  • Open House Presentations

  • Planning Commission Public Presentation

  • City Council/Board of Supervisor Meetings

  • Municipal Advisory Councils

  • HOA Presentations

  • Community Council Presentations

  • Resident Communications