civil engineering

Combining technical expertise, with a creative spirit, CASC's engineers provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions at the early stages to reduce delays during the final development.

From industrial/commercial sites to residential development of any size, CASC's team provide the services necessary to engineer your project from start to finish.


Aerial image of engineered residential tentative tract map.

Land Development ENGINEERING

  • Engineered Tentative Tract Maps

  • Site Plans

  • Mass Grading Plans

  • Rough Grading Plans

  • Plot Plans/Precise Grading

  • Earthwork Analysis

  • Street Improvement Plans

  • Wet and Dry Utility Plans

  • Permit Preparation

  • Project Cost Estimates

Image of homes behind storm drains.

WATER Resources

  • Hydrology and Drainage Reports

  • Flood Control Engineering

  • Storm Drain Plans

  • Stormwater Plans/NPDES Compliance

  • Retention/Detention Basin Design

  • Sewer Plans

  • Water and Reclaimed Water Plans

  • Construction Support

Image of highway/road design.

transportation design and management

  • Highway/Roadway Design

  • Neighborhood Beautification

  • Traffic Safety

  • Signing and Striping Plans

  • Pavement Rehabilitation

  • Street Improvements

  • Safe Route to School/Sidewalks/ADA Plans

  • Construction Support

Energy/Energy Infrastructure

  • Transmission Line, Substation, and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

    • Grading and Access Road Plans

    • Perimeter and Retaining Walls

    • Drainage Facility Design

    • NPDES/Storm Water Compliance

    • Wet Utilities

    • Electrical Support

  • Solar and Wind Energy

    • Grading Plans

    • Reclamation Plans

    • Hydrology/Storm Drain/Flood Control

    • Permit Compliance

    • Construction Support

Image of transmission line.

Image of CASC staff providing government plan checking services.

government services/plan checking

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Plan Checking

  • Field Inspection

  • Municipal Engineering/Public Works