Picture of Chris Sidor, Design Engineer.

chris sidor

Design Engineer

As a kid, I was always drawn to Civil Engineering. I would build Legos and other science projects. I was inspired by my Dad, grandpa, uncle, and cousins who were all Civil Engineers, so when the opportunity to intern as CASC arose, I took it. I enjoy solving problems, whether it is an issue while out in the field or trying to find the best technique for grading a Site in Auto CAD. I also enjoy experimenting with drones and finding ways to implement that technology into our current projects. I hope to achieve my PE in Civil Engineering, as well as expanding CASC’s drone technology division. In my spare time, I am always doing something outdoors, whether it is hiking, mountain biking, or snowboarding. Whenever the opportunity arises, I try to fly drones on the weekend and make videos of the footage. I love that something that started as my hobby, has turned into a beneficial service that CASC can now provide our clients.