Picture of Anthony Mistretta, Project Manager.

Anthony mistretta

Project Manager

My childhood was spent helping my father, who was a journeyman carpenter, with projects around our home and property. He is extremely skilled with his hands, and taught me to work with steel, wood, concrete, plumbing, and electricity. As a result, I developed an infatuation with construction, and when it came time to research careers in high school, my father encouraged me to become an engineer and design projects myself. The skills I’ve obtained throughout my career have proved invaluable in my home life. Civil Engineering has allowed me to complete my own home and property improvement projects from start to finish. I aspire to achieve more experience as a Project Manager, as well as continue to develop my business skills. CASC provides me with a comfortable work environment and I appreciate the “with responsibility comes flexibility” management style.  As a ranch owner, at times, my ranch demands my immediate attention and CASC is nothing short of supportive, allowing me to work flexible hours or even remotely to accommodate my obligations at home.