Picture of Barbara Sherman, Senior Project Manager.

Barbara Sherman

Senior Project Manager

When I was growing up, I was captivated by the stories my father used to tell me about my grandfather (who was a civil engineer). In addition, bridges always seemed to peak my fascination. As a civil engineer, part of my job is working in the office, and working out in the field. I get to enjoy the rain, hiking around flat and hilly areas, seeing unusual critters which you normally would not get to experience as part of your everyday life, and coordinating with clients and agencies. It is a rewarding feeling to see projects you have worked on, be transformed from a raw piece of land to a finished product with buildings, homes, parks, etc. While computers have changed the world, we still need to make sure that the knowledge base is there to understand what the computers are telling us. I hope to inspire and pass on information to future generations, just as my father did with me.