Picture of Ed Gerlach, Landscape Architect & NPDES Compliance.

Ed Gerlach

Landscape Architect

As a freshman at LSU, I met a student who was majoring in Landscape Architecture, (a field I had never heard of). When he saw some of my sketches he suggested I speak with the Head of the Department, Mr. Robert “Doc” Reich. We hit it off, and once I had taken the introductory classes (which Doc taught), I knew Landscape Architecture was the major for me. Landscape Architecture allows you to blend design, nature, art, and technology together to create environments that people live, work, and play in. My goal is to create designs that people appreciate and enjoy, while simultaneously adding value to their lives. As a father, and former Boy Scout Troop Leader, I recognize the importance of having beautiful outdoor parks and sports fields that allow families the time to come together and bond, while creating life long memories.