small unmanned aircraft systems

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, or Drones) has become a valuable tool for all phases of project development. From pre-development marketing and site planning, to construction operations, to long term operations and maintenance inspections, CASC’s FAA certified UAS pilots bring the skills and experience necessary to analyze and integrate UAS data capture, that will enhance and your project.


Aerial image of CASC's corporate office in Colton California.

bird's eye view

CASC's has the ability to capture, view and analyze aerial imagery in ways that save time and reduce costs by streamlining site survey processes. As an essential design tool, drone mapping is an innovative and efficient method for obtaining accurate and on-demand data.

CONSTRUCTION observation

CASC utilizes UAS applications to help manage project risks by capturing video and images of hard-to-reach areas, chronicling construction progress, identifying potential safety concerns, and documenting environmental compliance.

Aerial 3d modeling and orthomosaics.

3d MODELING & Orthomosaics

CASC delivers drone-based 3D models and renderings that are great tools for interactively visualizing project sites. Share maps and models to keep stakeholders and team members up to date.

UAV Drone services include:

  • High (4k) Resolution Aerial Imagery and Videos

  • Construction and Environmental Compliance Monitoring

  • Tower/Structure Maintenance Inspections

  • Topographic Surveys, Distance and Area Calculations

  • AutoCAD and GIS integration

  • Earthwork and Stockpile Volume Calculations

  • Orthomosaic Photography with Google Earth Overlay

  • 3D Point Clouds

image of CASC drone taking flight.